4 Reasons InvoiceSharing Beats the Competition

4 Reasons InvoiceSharing Beats the Competition
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The electronic invoices industry is a $280 million annual global market (at least according toPayStream Advisors), so it’s only natural that more players would enter the market. But for businesses like yours, the extra noise in the marketplace can make it confusing to discern the difference between one e-invoicing service and another.

If anything, we’re going to see more new competitors, not fewer, as demand for electronic invoicing solutions is slated to grow 13% year over year.

All e-invoicing services are not created equal. Here’s how we see that we stand out from some of the “new school” players who have entered the space over the last few years.

1. They’re Not Always Up-Front About the Costs Involved
Sure, the website says the services are free, but what does “free” really mean? Sometimes it means that the company uses its own branding, and not yours, on every invoice you send out. That makes you look cheap and unprofessional. Or there are costs if you exceed a certain number of invoices sent in a month.

Everyone touts the “free invoice,” so make it your job to find out what strings are attached before you sign up.

2. They Have Limited Added Value
One thing we think makes us unique is our financial services marketplace. We know that you often need more than just invoices. You want to get paid on time, or pay your suppliers and still conserve cash. Other invoicing companies simply don’t have the deep connections we do to offer you even more value, all at a fair price.

3. Invoices Aren’t Their Core Focus
Many of our competitors started out by offering other cloud-based enterprise solutions, and then jumped on the e-invoicing bandwagon when it became popular. How much of their attention can be on invoicing if it’s just one of many services they offer?

You know InvoiceSharing is serious about invoices; it’s even in our name! You never have to worry about our attentions being spread too thin over too many different types of products.

4. They’re Not Concerned About Saving You Money
Sure, “free” invoices save you money, but only if they’re truly free. But there are other ways we strive to achieve our goals to:

● Increase your revenues
● Lower your cost
● Improve your cash flow

We’re constantly working to develop partnerships with other companies to offer you more ways to do all three, such as automatic invoice processing that can cut down on your admin time, and services that will let you pay your invoice later to ensure your cash keeps flowing.

Just remember: your choice of which e-invoicing solution is an important one. Choose a partner who can provide additional value without overcharging for it, and who truly understands your business needs.


Drs Jeroen Volk RA


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