5 Ways E-Invoicing Helps Your Account Managers Do More

5 Ways E-Invoicing Helps Your Account Managers Do More
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When you think about electronic invoicing, you probably think it most benefits your accounting department. After all, e-invoicing lets your company get paid and send invoices quickly. But did you realize it also helps your sales department?

Let me explain: InvoiceSharing has a new feature that turns invoicing into an information system. This helps account managers build stronger relationships with their clients as well as grow sales. Here’s how.

1. You See Changes in Spending and Can Act Accordingly
Here’s an example. You are an account manager for an office supply store. Let’s say you could set up triggers to get an alert when a client spends over a certain threshold. One of your clients regularly spends $300 a month with your company, but then one year in November, that spending shoots up to $5,000. You notice she’s purchased a great deal of new office equipment.

Armed with that information, you reach out to connect. She tells you she’s expanding to a second location. You congratulate her. She’s impressed that you noticed, and puts in regular orders for her second location.

2. You Can Make Recommendations to Your Clients
Perhaps the analysis InvoiceSharing offers reveals your client is buying a lot of boxes of paper individually, and you know that if she buys in bulk, she’ll save. You contact her and tell her this. She saves money, and you save the day.

3. You Can Provide Better Customer Service
With sales transactions, clients often don’t expect to hear from their account managers after they pay their initial invoice. After all, the sale is complete, and that Account Manager probably wants to move on to the next sale, right?

But with the level of information you get from our e-invoicing system, you can proactively provide caring customer service and show your client you’re there for her for years to come. And since 72% of customers who are satisfied with a brand’s customer service will be loyal to it, it’s in your best interest to make your clients happy.

4. You Can Increase Future Sales
You know it’s cheaper and easier to retain your existing clients than to seek out new ones (to the tune of five times cheaper and easier), so having analytics about where your customers are spending their money provides you with the opportunity to increase sales.

Maybe a client only buys paper and toner from your store. Perhaps she doesn’t realize you sell breakroom snacks and cleaning supplies. You can set her up to receive emails that focus on the products she hasn’t bought yet, with a special offer for her first purchase, increasing the likelihood that she’ll move more of her office purchases to your store.

5. You Can Customize Marketing Emails
Speaking of emails, having this data is extremely useful for building a customized marketing strategy. Knowing which products your customers regularly buy allows you to send relevant offers. And, as mentioned in #4, you can also introduce new products and offers to them.

E-invoices aren’t just for accounting. They’re now valuable analytical tools that help your entire business grow.

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