6 Things Your Antiquated Invoicing Service Doesn’t Want You to Know

by admin | January 27, 2015 12:58 pm

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When it comes to invoicing services, there are two types of companies:


If you’re shopping around for an invoicing system, it’s important to be able to tell the difference. While there are companies who have been in the electronic invoicing field for a while, they won’t paint the most accurate picture of how they work.

Here’s what these companies don’t want you to know.

1. E-Invoicing Isn’t That Complicated
They’ll act like it is, with their custom interface and several-week setup process. It might have been complex at one time, but technology has made the process of setting up an invoicing system for a business to be much simpler.

2. Digital Invoices Really Don’t Cost Us Anything to Send
With that complex interface, old school companies would like you to believe they have high costs for delivering invoices on your behalf: costs which they have to pass on to you. But sending a digital invoice doesn’t cost them — or any invoicing company — a dime. It’s air. So why should you pay for air?

3. We’ve Got More Competitors Than We’d Like to Admit
Even companies who were forerunners in digital invoicing years ago have to realize there are a lot more players in this space these days. That’s great news for you, because you have more companies to compare in terms of features and pricing when shopping for an invoicing solution.

4. It Really Doesn’t Take Us That Long to Set Up Your System
You might be told that it will take days or weeks to get your customized interface designed and up and running, but that’s just not true. If we can get you set up in less than a day, there’s no reason it should take another company that much longer.

5. We Can Be Trusted Without Audit Report
You might be told that the invoicing platform can be trusted. But can it? You should only trust an invoicing platform when the platform can provide you with an ISAE3402/3000 or similar report. Read the report to see what promises are actually audited by an independent auditor.

6. We Do Invoices, Not Payments
Simple digital invoices were fine years ago when the only payment methods were check, cash, or manually entering a credit card. But now that we have electronic payment processing, there’s no excuse why an invoicing company shouldn’t provide the ability for you to accept digital payments from your vendors.

Educate yourself about the full capabilities a digital invoicing system can provide, and then choose the service that best fits your company’s needs.

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