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5 Ways Old-School Invoicing Solutions Fail Small Businesses

Rate this post Just like in any industry, the invoicing solutions field has seen major shifts over the past few years. That means that the older players are being forced out by more effective and cost-conscious options. Companies like Basware,

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Startup laat ondernemers gratis factureren (Dutch only)

Rate this post Bron: Telegraaf 4 february 2015 ROTTERDAM¬†–¬†De snelste manier om veel klanten te krijgen is om gratis iets nuttigs aan te bieden. Door Alfred Monterie Iedereen gebruikt Google, Facebook en WhatsApp omdat hun dienstverlening prima werkt en niets

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5 Ways E-Invoicing Helps Your Account Managers Do More

Rate this post When you think about electronic invoicing, you probably think it most benefits your accounting department. After all, e-invoicing lets your company get paid and send invoices quickly. But did you realize it also helps your sales department?

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11 Benefits of sending electronic invoices

Rate this post Save costs and increase revenues by showing your customers you really care! No printed matters No stamps Quicker billing/sending and receipt Quicker payment Tax authorities approved Accountant/auditor approved No more invoices lost Help your client Save money

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MoneyMedic integrates with InvoiceSharing offering easy-to-use tools for sending invoices

Rate this post InvoiceSharing collaborates with MoneyMedic to increase ease-of-use in sending invoices using the InvoiceSharing platform. MoneyMedic delivers a free online application for companies to create and send invoices and to proces incoming invoices. Clients can approve proposals with

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