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Accounts Payable department #1 frustration handled by InvoiceSharing

Rate this post Ask the collegues of the Accounts Payable department for their number 1 frustration and they are very likely to say “invoices addressed to “THE ORGANIZATION” (let’s say “Dell”) …. without any other reference. No PO (Purchase Ordre)

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WordPress app WPML found out about VAT regulation the hard way

Rate this post Our Free Electronic Invoice Distribution Platform Validates (!) all invoices for VAT regulations. Connect your billing system and let InvoiceSharing distribute the invoices to your clients. The good news for your business clients: They can connect their

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IS-Validate to comply with Invoice/VAT law in each country!

Rate this post IS-Validate IS-ValidateTM checks all digital invoices that a sender (supplier) uploads to the digital archive. The checks contain the invoice requirements of the sender but also take the type of invoice and destination country into account. The validation

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Compliant (electronic) invoices – New EU law since January 1, 2013

Rate this post Are there any specific digital invoice requirements? When you start using digital invoices, it is important you understand that certain specific legislation applies, both relating the invoice itself was well as to VAT regulations. We all know

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eInvoicing in the EU: Five Things You Should Know 0

Rate this post April 15, 2013 The European Union is by far the most advanced region of the world in its usage and implementation of electronic invoicing standards and regulations. Despite this region’s progress, there is still more to do.Other

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