Compliant (electronic) invoices – New EU law since January 1, 2013

Compliant (electronic) invoices – New EU law since January 1, 2013
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Are there any specific digital invoice requirements?

Important to know

When you start using digital invoices, it is important you understand that certain specific legislation applies, both relating the invoice itself was well as to VAT regulations. We all know that “invoices must be kept for a period of 7 years” (in a number of counties). This is similar to digital invoices. However, what most people do not know is that in most countries specific legislation is in place for invoices relating Fixed Assets (must be kept 10 years). Make sure that the process of storing invoices according to legislation is properly taken care of for you. The fiscal authorities require that you are in control of the entire proces from the sender to receiving and storing the invoice. How do you proof that you did not change the invoices with Adobe Photoshop? Sending and receiving a digital invoices is much more that just transporting a file from one system to another. Legislation relating invoices and VAT is very complex. To guarantee InvoiceSharing clients that the process from sending invoices to receiving invoices including compliance with invoice and VAT legislation, InvoiceSharing offers a SOC1 or ISAE3402 accreditation (formerly SAS70 Type II). The SOC1 / ISAE3402 report ensures clients and their accountants/auditors that the InvoiceSharing software is developed in a controlled way and proper controls are in place to ensure compliance with legislation. In addition, InvoiceSharing selected Ernst & Young Tax advisors as their global trusted advisor relating invoice and VAT regulations. InvoiceSharing guarantees compliance in all 27 countries in Europe and the United States of America.

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