InvoiceSharing selects Tickstar as PEPPOL provider

InvoiceSharing selects Tickstar as PEPPOL provider
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Integration implemented within a couple days and ready to start sharing invoices in the EU

PEPPOL is the European standard for sending and receiving e-documents in an efficient and secure way within the European Union. The only thing PEPPOL needs to safely deliver a document – like an invoice – is a company code from the receiver, like VAT or Chamber-of-Commerce number. Access to the PEPPOL is for InvoiceSharing a next step in developing a universal e-invoicing network. In contrast of many PEPPOL users, InvoiceSharing implemented PEPPOL within one week. They didn’t build their own PEPPOL access point, but kick-started by using a PEPPOL cloud service delivered byTickstar.

InvoiceSharing participates in the Simplerinvoicing initiative. A foundation that simplifies sending and receiving e-invoices, by offering a universal platform. Two companies with different accounting/ERP-systems, can share electronic documents. Vincent Prooij, CTO of InvoiceSharing: ‘Simplerinvoicing uses the PEPPOL infrastructure. As a member of the initiative, we wanted to enable our PEPPOL access point as soon as possible. We could have chosen to develop it ourselves, because there is open source PEPPOL software. But developing, updating and maintaining it would take us hundreds of hours. Just before my ski holiday I contacted Tickstar. A PEPPOL service provider, that has the complete infrastructure, and offers it for a monthly fee. After contacting Hans Berg at Tickstar, we decided to start using their services. On their website it stated ‘up-and-running in days, not months’, so I asked Hans to implement it during my holiday to be PEPPOL ready after it. It was meant as a joke, but we did it!’

The Galaxy Gateway for (inter)national datatraffic

PEPPOL is an abbreviation for Pan-European Public Procurement Online. It is an European Union initiative to enable data sharing between European companies. Tickstar developed the first PEPPOL access point in Sweden, as a project for the government. Hans Berg, one of the founders: ‘We see a lot of service providers setting up their own PEPPOL access point, which often take months to finish. To that you should add the effort to maintain the Access Point and to operate it in a manner that complies with the requirements and Service levels mandated by OpenPEPPOL. So why not subscribing to an existing cloud service that is proven to work? Especially in the internet market in Europe, that is an important question. On one hand we see internet mature countries as The Netherlands, where everything seems to happen online. On the other hand we see countries where some still claim that a PDF invoice is actually an e-invoice. We discovered that providing a plug-and-play PEPPOL Access Points for service providers was a need in the market, and we were not mistaken.’

The world is reachable

OpenPEPPOL has approved a set of XML based message types that support a range of business processes. The similarity between PEPPOL and mobile phones is that you are reachable with one number regardless of which operator you use. PEPPOL automatically verifies that the receiver of the document is reachable within the PEPPOL network, and if so, delivers the message to your operator. There is a set of approved identifiers to identify PEPPOL receivers, like VAT, GLN or Chamber-of-Commerce number.’

A connected world

InvoiceSharing believes in and supports the possibilities of a connected world. Prooij: ‘Every company should do what it can do best, and we can find and connect the best services around the world for our financial services marketplace, to help our users realize higher revenues, lower costs and better cashflow. With Tickstar we added a service provider from Sweden, that can be used right away by all our connected partners and companies. That is a major step forward in realising a higher adoption of both PEPPOL and Simplerinvoiceing.’

Berg: ‘We love companies that turn something difficult into something simple. Both InvoiceSharing and Tickstar are doing that. I think more companies should focus on easy delivery of complex services since leveraging knowledge is the future. Our partnership helps spreading the PEPPOL idea and connects more businesses.’


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