MoneyMedic integrates with InvoiceSharing offering easy-to-use tools for sending invoices

MoneyMedic integrates with InvoiceSharing offering easy-to-use tools for sending invoices
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InvoiceSharing collaborates with MoneyMedic to increase ease-of-use in sending invoices using the InvoiceSharing platform.

MoneyMedic delivers a free online application for companies to create and send invoices and to proces incoming invoices. Clients can approve proposals with one-click and are able to pay the invoice online using banktransfer, iDEAL or PayPal. By integrating both services, invoices created in MoneyMedic will be instantly available in InvoiceSharing as an electronic invoice.

Vincent Prooij, Chief Technology Officer at InvoiceSharing: ‘InvoiceSharing helps companies make more revenue, lower their costs and manage their financial supply chain better. The simplicity and user friendliness of MoneyMedic will enable many small suppliers to start sending electronic invoices using InvoiceSharing. With that we eliminate more hurdles for suppliers and let the adoption of e-invoicing increase.’

Maurice Jongmans, Director at MoneyMedic: ‘We see thousands of suppliers unable or unwilling to directly interface with the e-invoicing network InvoiceSharing. They require smart online tools that enable them to easily interface with InvoiceSharing. That is exactly what MoneyMedic offers these companies. Besides that we help our current customer base to get ready for the future of true electronic invoicing.
Together we work on a high adoption and fast implementation of e-invoicing. By collaborating we make electronic invoicing much easier. In January 2014 the new version of MoneyMedic with integration to InvoiceSharing is expected.’

About InvoiceSharing

InvoiceSharing is the financial marketplace for smart businesses, offering 100% free invoicing, interfacing and validation for everybody, combined with smart premium added-value services. InvoiceSharing believes in the end of paper invoices and combines unique technology with a disruptive business model. InvoiceSharing is developing a platform where anybody can send and receive free electronic invoices. The entire process from sending to receiving of invoices is 100% free. Premium products are the main drivers of the business model of InvoiceSharing.

About MoneyMedic

MoneyMedic is an online invoicing application developed by the awardwinning webdevelopment agency MediaMedics BV. The application was launched in the beginning of 2010 and targetted at small businesses in the Netherlands.
It aims to help small businesses control their finances with an easy-to-use application saving them both valuable time and money. MoneyMedic has become known as one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly invoicing tools in the Netherlands. The international release of MoneyMedic is expected during Q1 of 2014.



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