Receive free electronic invoices from you suppliers. Together stronger.

Receive free electronic invoices from you suppliers. Together stronger.
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The steps to receive digital invoices from all your suppliers. Quick and easy.


The end of paper invoices within 60 days can be achieved by any organization.

Scanning of paper invoices is finally history! While more and more organizations are making the switch to scanning paper invoices, InvoiceSharing is going a step further!

Scanning of invoices was a temporary solution

Scanning invoices was a temporary solution for paper invoices. Now this solution is being replaced by digital invoices. Receiving free digital invoices is now possible for any organization. Scanning of paper
invoices already brings significant benefits like faster processing of paper invoices and more control of invoices in the approval process.

But I do not have any technical knowledge of my scanning software or accounting system

Research has shown that a lot of people that hear about ‘digital invoices’ immediately think about expensive processes and complex activities. A lot of companies have a business built on the so called complexity, and have an incentive to let you believe digital invoices are complex and expensive. That is why InvoiceSharing is incorporated! InvoiceSharing is easy to setup, easy to connect to your invoicing, scanning or accounting software, easy to use and free. InvoiceScanning means the end of paper invoices.

Your contribution to a greener world with digital invoices

By using InvoiceSharing your organization contributes to a greener world. Think about the amount of natural resources, fuel and pollution is involved with the whole process of printing invoices and transporting them.
Read more about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activites of InvoiceSharing.

InvoiceSharing from digitaal archive via IS-ConvertTM to your financial system

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All bookkeeping systems and invoice scanning application are supported. Promised!

There are thousands of bookkeeping systems to process invoices. Very often a separate invoice scanning application is connected to the bookkeeping system. InvoiceSharing is so called “open” software. InvoiceSharing communicates with any software package. The only condition is that the other system can communicate with other software. InvoiceSharing is extremely flexible; any electronic language from any bookkeeping system or  nvoice scanning application is supported. In case your invoice scanning software, InvoiceSharing will export the invoices and proposed journal entry to your scanning software, where the current process remains the same. In case your bookkeeping software and/or invoice scanning system is not listed on the list of available connections with financial software, please complete this application form. You will receive an answer within 48 hours whether the offered communiction format will be available for you. Normally, connecting new systems is completely free!

How free is a digital invoice?

How is it possible that sending and receiving digital invoices is free with InvoiceSharing? How about the revenues?

Yes, InvoiceSharing must also generate revenues. InvoiceSharing believes that “people and companies are willing to pay when added value is delivered” and InvoiceSharing believes in “high volume, low cost offerings”. Finally, InvoiceSharing believes in the “ultimate freedom for any client to stop using the services at any time”.

As a result, clients do not pay any initial fees for setting up your InvoiceSharing system. Use of InvoiceSharing is also free. Certain premium products are available for certain added value products. Prices are lowest available in the market for any comparable products. Promised!

There are never any costs for sending or receiving electronic invoices.

Start without risk

Registration with InvoiceSharing is free and without risk. No creditcard is required. The steps to start receiving digital invoices are clear and transparent. Don’t hesitate and register now.


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