Want to Save 60%+ on Invoicing? Ditch the Paper

Want to Save 60%+ on Invoicing? Ditch the Paper
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Want to Save 60%+ on Invoicing? Ditch the Paper
Invoices are what make the business world go ’round. In fact, in the 2012 Billentis E-Invoicing/E-Billing Report, it was estimated that 150 billion invoices are sent globally each year. And only 5% of those (at least in 2012) were digital invoices. That’s a lot of paper.

But there are more reasons than just saving trees for you to consider switching to digital invoicing. For one, they get you paid faster by your customers. Because you’re not physically mailing the invoice, you control the speed at which your invoice is delivered, and there’s none of that “it got lost in the mail” excuse.

And if you deal with international customers, it can make it simpler to accept payments in other currencies, as well as handle international tax regulations, including VAT.

But one of our favorite reasons to use e-invoicing is the fact that it can also help you realize substantial cost savings.

Why InvoiceSharing is Free
There are digital invoicing companies out there who will try to charge you as much as $20 to $50 a month to create e-invoices. They try to convince you that the backend is complex and costly, and so they have to charge you.

Then there are other companies who offer free services, but who only provide the ability to send an invoice electronically, and not track it or receive payment on it.

Our service is free simply because it’s not a complex solution, and we don’t believe you should have to pay for invoicing your clients.

Consider the cost of paper invoicing. This includes:

● Paper and ink to print with
● Envelope and stamp
● Payment reminders
● Man hours to manage the process

The cost adds up quickly. Even if you assume it costs about $5 for all these components necessary to get an invoice to your client, consider how that cost rises when you have 100 or even 10,000 clients!

But with digital invoicing, all these costs (and processes) are eliminated. You can email your invoice in seconds, and remind clients to pay with a click of a button. They can pay you electronically as well, cutting down on the time and expense on that end.

It just makes sense to ditch your paper invoicing system in favor of a free digital invoicing service.


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