Zorgbalans exceeds 60% receipt of electronic invoicing

by admin | January 20, 2014 3:12 pm

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Yearly we received about 12,000 paper invoices of Deli XL, our largest supplier. Since we have moved to digital invoices end of last year the whole process is now a digital process. Managers that need to approve an order or invoice automatically receive a reminder through the application that manages the e-ordering process through workflows. The purchase and accounts payable department can monitor the whole process realtime on their computer screens. We always now what the status is of a specific invoice. A huge difference with the “paper process”! At this moment we are testing the XML invoices of Office Depot. The ordering process there already runs digitally and our first experiences with digital invoices are positive. Soon we will start processing the invoices of this supplier digitally. Thanks to e-prdering and digital invoice processing Zorgbalans has been able to save 3 FTE already. As the application is available anywhere 24×7, employees can work at home and be more flexible.The ordering and invoice processes can be monitored in every step, so we can act much more efficiently. Naturally there are some points in the beginning that can be further improved. We still have some issues with registering packing costs in the system. The experts of InvoiceSharing are currently discussing the best solutin with the supplier. Apart from that starting with digital invoices went smoothly.

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